Unbound Now

Supports survivors and resources communities to fight human trafficking.

Unbound Now is a multi-national nonprofit serving 11 locations in the United States and around the world.

Since 2012, they have served over 2,100 survivors of human trafficking through prevention training, youth empowerment, and survivor advocacy programs.

Behind this number we celebrate, is over 2,100 stories of freedom from bondage, beauty from ashes, and hope for tomorrow.

The problem

Unbound Now was growing, but each chapter had a unique website. This fragmented their online presence.

The redesign’s mission? Merge these sites into one unified brand, while making local chapter donations simpler, a safe, accessible platform for survivors in need, and promote training to enhance awareness on recognizing human trafficking


I embarked on an in-depth competitor analysis, primarily focusing on NGOs with a significant digital presence.

While using this as a guide for what not to emulate due to their bolder approach, it offered insights into areas where we could innovatively differentiate ourselves.

A pivotal part of my research also involved scrutinizing major NGOs to discern best practices related to online donations, enabling me to optimize our donation forms for effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Main findings

Donation is driven by emotion

96% of people

feel a sense of duty to give back to society

75% of people

gave because they felt passionately about a specific cause they could relate to

71% of people

felt motivated to give thanks to their faith, claiming their religious beliefs required them to support those less fortunate

Design process

old homepage Unbound-first-iterations

Old brand kit


Design decisions

NOVA 23 - Case studies-01 NOVA 23 - Case studies-02 (2)

The result

A clear-cut, brand-cohesive, donor-friendly digital space that fosters unity and support

Key collaboration