Hey Kathrin!

(and whoever is reading this!)

This is me trying to put my best foot forward

and picking apples for the first time. I was overly excited

Why do I think I'm a good fit for the role @

I go above and beyond

I really do. Plenty of references if what Sarah says is not enough 🙂


I'm a go-getter! I'm making this landing page to persuade you

Missing piece

The Baltimore team is incredible, I hope I'll be a good fit for the NY one as well!

Expanded case study

After all, I need to show you something!



I <3 design




I <3 design


That's enough about me

What's in it for havas?

The good

A very eager, friendly, detailed-oriented, excited to work in an agency that is so human, designer/baker

Designer by day, baker by night

The bad

Sometimes I'm too fast and prone to mistakes. But I pivot quickly! Good we work in the digital world 🙂

The ugly

I'm highly opinionated

(though my last boss told me this was good in his "Nameland")

Not unreasonable, only "voicy"

Another thing that didn't fit:
I don't have the ability to summarize