Kace Valves

Kace Valves KACE Valves, a US-based ball valve manufacturer founded in 1995, needed to modernize its image. Despite their commitment to supplying reliable, quality products for oilfield and chemical industries, their branding wasn’t reflecting their industrial identity and effort put into product quality. View live site View live site ‘ data-next-icon=’‘ data-makeresponsive=”true” data-startingposition=”50%”> The result […]

Hot Yoga Dublin

Hot Yoga Dublin Reviving a Yoga Studio Amidst Pandemic: A $20K Victory in Just 3 Months? The pandemic dealt a blow to Hot Yoga Dublin, forcing the studio to close its physical doors. Despite having a strong social media presence, their outdated website and absence of an online class structure posed a significant challenge. View […]

Unbound Now

Unbound Now Supports survivors and resources communities to fight human trafficking. Unbound Now is a multi-national nonprofit serving 11 locations in the United States and around the world. Since 2012, they have served over 2,100 survivors of human trafficking through prevention training, youth empowerment, and survivor advocacy programs. Behind this number we celebrate, is over […]