Human first,
designer next

Hey there!
I'm Mica

Grounded in storytelling, my designs encapsulate meaning and deliver tangible results. I tackle complex challenges with thoughtful, sustainable, and impactful solutions while injecting energy into every project.

Beauty in design? Standard.
Purpose in creation? Essential.

Design is more than aesthetic: beauty draws attention, but it's the purpose and story behind each design that align with and elevate business goals. Each project I tackle is a blend of visual appeal and strategic intent.


Unbound Now

Unifying the digital presence of a global non-profit combating human trafficking, by redesigning a fragmented web landscape into a cohesive, donor-friendly platform

Hot Yoga Dublin

Transitioned a yoga studio to a virtual, membership-driven platform amid pandemic closures, revitalizing the community and achieving a $20K milestone in three months

Kace Valves

Branding overhaul and website redesign for a ball valve manufacturer specialising in the oilfield and chemical industries


Revitalizing a patient experience platform to seamlessly sync with health records. Through this design challenge, I showcased my thought process and strategic decision-making, creating a polished and innovative design in a landscape where branding was ambiguous.

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